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The Task:

Rejuvinate organizational culture and performance through clarity and unity of purpose. Define the 90+ year old iconic South African Brandy & Wine brand for a new decade of international growth.



Our Role:

We began our assignment with a deep inward incubation process designed to articulate the soul of the brand through video ethnographic interviews across a wide variety of staff and clients.

During this incubation, the company was acquired. New management rapidly recognized the need for culture change and renewed Matchboxology’s brief. The final edit of the ethnographic film brought a brand and soul hidden by poor performance to life for the new owners and management. This inspired phase two of the brief; identifying and nurturing a KWV culture of purpose.

Via facilitated interactive sessions with new management, Matchboxology and the team crafted The KWV Way; a customer-centric value system and delivery culture inspired by a focused passion to deliver world class for every glass. Matchboxlogy’s Incubation sessions have identified a powerful global positioning opportunity for the brand based on the company’s soul. New products are now in pilot design inspired by Matchboxology’s Brand Soul work.

Matchboxology Incubation helped the brand to identify and craft a highly visible manifestation of the new culture in action: the KWV Sensorium. This new space-oriented approach to a brand experience integrates the company’s art collection with it’s products in a highly unique interactive pairing.


The KWV Way was launched end July 2012 through Matchboxology designed, highly interactive employee workshops.

Our organisational purpose and customer-centric culture shift work with the brand is ongoing. Attitude/Behaviour changes will be tracked and individual and group targets and delivery performance measured.

The KWV Sensorium was completed and launched in Spetember2012. This modern interactive art gallery gives the brand a tangible and highly unique interpersonal conversation with global visitors consumers. Development is underway to translate our Sensorium conversations into digital interactive experiences—giving the KWV brand a relationship with millions in key African, Asian and American markets.


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