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The Task:

Create a music portal strategy for an MTN digital download platform under construction by an outside supplier



Our Role:

A Matchboxology exploratory dive into the music industry identified complex legal and label barriers to building a profitable South African based mobile portal. Conversely, a Matchboxology initiated outward incubation in the emerging musical artist world identified untapped needs and business opportunities in South Africa and across the African continent.

By taking over functions traditionally supplied by record labels and combining it with mobile digital delivery , a niche business was created that generated songs and music videos for sale on the MTN Xploaded portal.

MTN Xploaded offered emerging artists what record labels would not – a recorded song, a distribution channel, radio station promotion and a bigger share of the revenue.

Xploaded was purpose designed to uplift African emerging musicians with Artist and Repertoire [A&R] Management; Business Mentoring and Industry Programmes; Event Management; Fanzine and Music Publishing services along with the digital portal for sales.

It offered music loving consumers access to new artists at an affordable price [R5 per song] and even greater rates at subscription options.

For MTN it increased brand loyalty by creating an important bond with young fans, aspiring professional musicians, upcoming producers and agents while establishing a inspirational presence across various social media platforms.

Xploaded was designed to generate revenue from related data consumption plus a share in revenue from sales. It gave preferential access to artists and music for use in parent brand national and international advertising and promotional materials. From a CSR point of view, MTN Xploaded is a sustainable means of support of the arts and emerging artists.


Year 1:

176 emerging artists signed;
Over 1000 songs were made available for download;
6 artists cracked the Top 40 charts on SA radio stations—2 in the top 10
3 Have Subsequently won prestigious South African Music Association Awards

What the client saw:

  • Innovation in Customer Retention/ ARPU
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Marketing Spend Amplification
  • Music Revenue Innovation

What Matchboxology saw:

  • Emerging Industry Need as a Branded Marketing Opportunity
  • CSR/Marketing Win Win Programme Design
  • An exportable turnkey approach for all MTN African markets
  • Youth Job Creation Accelerated by aligning MTN Consumer Relationships to Young Artist Products.


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