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The Task:

Educate and encourage young adults to make informed decisions around sexual and health issues and to get tested for HIV.



Our Role:

Shout It Now combines a highly sophisticated e-learning platform, confidential fingerprint ID methodologies and marketing 2.0 thinking to help High Schools and communities achieve better health outcomes.

Matchboxology’s role was to conceive and create highly engaging video content that delivered measurable behaviour change to a cynical audience.

Working closely with celebrities, musical artists, animators and cool consumer brands, Matchboxology’s innovative films did just that. Interactivity within the e-learning platform shows that the films measurably connect relevant health and HIV facts in these one-one-one computer sessions with young adults.

Comprehension, attitudes and a risk profile are gathered for each “client” and behaviour/attitude changes are measured via sophisticated Shout It Now analytics tools. Those who are HIV tested and found in need of follow up are immediately linked to care through a proprietary Shout It Now support programme.

Shout It Now has empirical proof that creativity based on private sector marketing expertise does in fact generate behavioural breakthroughs in health.


96% uptake of HIV testing in High School settings

Over 200,000 young adults seen to date

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What the client saw:

  • Public private partnership expertise
  • Evidence based behaviour change experience with cutting edge creativity
  • Cost efficient production

What Matchboxology saw:

  • A technology in need of highly engaging, relevant content
  • The opportunity to combine social media dynamics into edutainment
  • Celebrities and Musicians looking for a measurable social return on their fame


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