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Shining the spotlight on CorruptionWatch

Friday, 01 February 2013 15:36



In many parts of the world, the choice beween loyalty and integrity is not clear cut.  We're raised from an early age not to "tell on"; not to be a "rat" or a "snitch."  Yet we hear just the opposite from our leaders.


In the global fight for transparancy and fairness, we're encouraged to all be whistleblowers. Studies indicate that doing the right thing, playing fair, promoting transparancy and  accountability for actions are highly desirable in almost every culture.  It's at the crossroads of "what I know is right" and "what I will do to make sure right is upheld" that CorruptionWatch sits; offering South Africans a pragmatic tool in the fight for right. 


Matchboxology's assignment was to help CorruptionWatch design their 2013 annual report.  We accepted the assignment because saw this as a creitical opportunity to help tell their compelling story to a diverse audience and in doing this task well, we could nurture social momentum that could result in greater ROI on government's expenditures. 

Check out the organisation's full story and download the annual report we prepared with them at CorruptionWatch.  

Looking forward to working with the CorruptionWatch team in the coming months and years to move South Africa's international corrpution index rating towards the least corrupt country on the continent.