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Valentine's Day--Celebrating Convergences of a Different Sort

Thursday, 14 February 2013 13:02


My 11 year old twins are obsessed about becoming someone's Valentine today.  Pairing up seems to a basic human need.  So much of what Mat©hboxology does adds up to connecting dots that are otherwise unconnected.  Today I thought I'd take a quick peak at interesting new relationships emerging out of seemingly different somethings.


AMEX and Twitter. Looks like you can bypass the mall and shop with your AMEX card from Twitter when you pair the two up...that's right--from TWITTER!.

Instant gratification reaches new heights.   This got me to thinking about the myriad of possibilities for social pairings.  For example, what if you could link medication reorders and dr's appointment for chronically ill patients with a their favourite band or celebrity TWITTER account?   

Artists/Typographers & Facilitators.  Check out this feedback graphic summary of a Davos panel discussion this year and this engaging workshop document done on the fly by artist Sonja Niederhumer @ GraphicHarvest.  In a world filled with infographics, it's so much easier to eat big data with our eyes!




Robot Designers & Social Causes.  Info overload means citizenfacting needs to work harder to compete for those precious moments of your attention. Government's around the world deploy messaging campaigns designed to equip us with the facts we need to make better life and society decisions--only most of these bore or scold us into ignoring them. We're seeing some highly creative private sector innovations making contributions to development conversations space.

Baby Boomers (who have been the architects and fundours of the technoinnovation boom of the past 25 years)  look to fill their need for leaving a personal legacy.  Citizens around the world are demanding better lives from the private sector and governments they elect.  Transparancy and global collaboration are dynamics that compress need to ability.  We say, watch this space for more interesting pairings in the near future.