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  • JSI/FHI360/Advancing Partners & Communities Project Tanzania

The Task:

Better inform the policy-to-district level implementation planning for a National Community Health Worker Program.



Our Role:

To explore how to improve the implementation planning process, The Tanzanian National Ministry of Health piloted a Human Centered Design approach through USAID’s Advancing Partners & Communities programme. As African HCD experts, Matchboxology was brought in to design and lead the process in collaboration with the APC team working in Tanzania.

The team conducted 61 field immersion sessions with individuals in rural and urban settings in the Mbeya and Kyela Districts along with face-to-face interviews with Advisory Group members, national government officials and key health NGOS in Dar Es Salaam. Through +-30 minute face-to-face conversations, Matchboxology facilitators introduced the project’s goals and workshop while obtaining key insights that influenced the final content, group structures and exercise designs for District Level Design For Success. Accompanied by JSI and FHI APC team members, the teams engaged in active listening—observing not only what was said but how others reacted to the answers, uncovering realities and truths without judgment.

These insights led to a two day Design For Success district level workshop agenda in Mbeya and the bespoke interactive exercises Matchboxology created for participants. These stimulated rich conversation and deeper insights into specific CHWP challenges, barriers and opportunities and allowed the district level people, who are ultimately responsible for putting health policy into practice, the opportunity to share insights and pragmatic actions/ ideas on how to make things work best in practice.


  • 61 immersion sessions with individuals and groups revealing insights and recommendations
  • 2-day highly interactive incubation workshop for 30 diverse district level government and NGO participants
  • 2 districts providing national MoH with actionable policy implementation insights and recommendations
  • An easy-to use insights and recommended actions report from MBX/APC for use by the Dept. of Health Advisory Group.
  • What the client saw:

    • HCD provides a highly efficient and effective methodology to better inform governments moving from policy to implementation
    • HCD is a valuable tool for generating district level insights and innovative pragmatic implementations tactics
    • A complex and chaotic implementation planning information chain can be simplified through HCD methodology
    • The power of HCD as an engagement tool to raise district level passion and commitment for implementation success
    • The value of diverse participant interactivity in problem solving for implementation success

    What Matchboxology saw:

    • A proof-of-concept for HCD’s effectiveness in delivering real policy-to-implementation value to governments and programme leadership
    • The risks associated with implementing a national policy without ground level input and buy-in
    • Untapped collective expertise in community health delivery and community health worker challenges
    • A national Community Health Worker Programme with potential as an international best practice community health solution.

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