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  • Brandoms®

Creativity can save lives

Small changes make a big impact. Brandoms® are superpremium condoms inside hip packaging with the logo of a well loved consumer brand—and they’re dramatically increasing condom use and generating maximum positive impact for innovative superstars! Brands like Levi's®, read more

VW and Madame Zingara are connecting with their audience on a whole new level with Brandoms®. Brandoms not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, they provide your fans with the best available protection from HIV & STI infections.

To date we’ve sprinkled over a million and a half premium Brandoms in nightclubs, concert venues, factories and magazine inserts across South Africa.

Are they a new advertising medium?
Are they an innovative take on corporate responsibility?
Will consumers and employees still respect a brand that puts its name on condoms?

The answer is, yes, yes, yes!

Brandom Facts

Minimum order is 10,000.
Our super-premium condoms come in a wide range of colours and flavours…with custom packaging of your design.

Maximum price is ZAR1.50/unit (ex VAT) and drops significantly for orders over 250,000.

Delivery time: 4 weeks for most orders.
Custom foiling available for orders over 500,000.

Brandoms are a helluva lot cheaper than billboards or facebook banners..and significantly more bang for your buck (both socially and personally!)


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