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  • Adidas/46664 Mandela Foundation

The Task:

Identify and manage the global Adidas CSR partnership campaign for World Cup 2010



Our Role:

Matchboxology was invited to propose a charity destination for funds raised through a head office designed Adidas 2010 World Cup global retail initiative. Open incubation sessions with the senior marketing team indentified the benefits of deeper organizational collaborations across the World Cup run up and tournament periods.

Matchboxology managed the process of Adidas designing a limited edition World Cup range of 46664 clothing. Working thoughtfully with both brands, Matchboxology was able to deliver a final product that maximised aesthetic appeal and delivered global consumer messaging that extended Mr Mandela’s impact to new audiences.

A Matchboxology brainstorm session in Johannesburg with the PR team and in Amsterdam together with Adidas and their global digital agency generated a creative concept and personality for the global World Cup fundraising campaign.

Matchboxology identified a local celebrity who brought the international creative team’s online campaign to life throughout the World Cup tournament. A series of local artists produced a large format “highlights painting” for every day of the tournament in the custom designed Adidas Press Center. These were globally auctioned off online with all proceeds donated to 46664. At Matchboxology’s encouragement, one of Adidas’ 6 World Cup Final Game balls was auctioned off on E-Bay with those proceeds also donated to the foundation.

Matchboxology organized Adidas superstars Zidane and Reggie Bush with an exclusive 46664 Foundation tour, covered by global press.

The most innovative values-based tie between Adidas and 46664 Foundation was conceived and executed by Matchboxology during the tournament. A league of soccer playing grandmothers in rural Limpopo were transformed into “Gogos For Mandela”; a charming organization of international ambassadors with a unique fundraising campaign for Mr Mandela’s foundation . “Gogos For Mandela” (via Matchboxology and funded by Adidas) produced a series of popular YouTube videos and became news features in over 40 countries. Adidas brought them to Johannesburg during the tournament and tickled the global sports press by organizing a special training session for them with top Adidas sponsored international players.


The partnership generated over R3.5 mil in 46664 Foundation donations and reached worldwide audiences in the tens of millions before and during the World Cup. Both organizations exceeded their expected social impact goals from the partnership.

What the client saw:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility public/private partnership management;
  • Rapid turnaround under pressure
  • Public Relations Amplification
  • Innovation

What Matchboxology saw:

  • Organizations with different agendas but matching values
  • Opportunity to amplify global social impact by aligning adidas consumer relationships , the global fascination with the African locale of the world cup and Mandela wisdom.


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