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  • Eskom

The Task:

Stimulate South African consumers to reduce electricity consumption by switching to energy efficient products; and to actively reduce household usage when the grid is strained at peak consumption times.



Our Role:

By re-reviewing the significant body of Eskom research on attitudes and behaviours , it was clear that that South Africans wanted to help but didn’t understand what to do. Disjointed and complex communications had left them confused and unmotivated.

A simplification of the ‘ask’ was required.

Ideation sessions facilitated by Matchboxlogy uncovered the power in a single battle cry: Switch and Save. This core will now drive ALL consumer/installer communications and integrated demand management business design.

Financial gain via rebates and long-term savings is actively motivating people to action (Versus carbon footprint & environmental responsibility messaging which remains intangible and complex to the average consumer)

Switch and Save is now driving exciting new business strategies with retailers and installers to insure consumers find it simple to act: (switch to LED light bulbs, Switch to Solar geyser, Switch to lower usage shower heads). Simplified Power Alerts tap the immediacy of national TV to inform consumers exactly which appliances to switch off and save at yellow, orange and red alert stages.

PR focuses on the more complex ‘bigger picture’ of why all South Africans must participate for the greater good.


The result so far this year are well summed in this newspaper article:

What the client saw:

  • Strategic behaviour change creative strategy;
  • Rapid turnaround under pressure
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Consumercentric Insight

What Matchboxology saw:

  • Organization with silo communications in need of a simple focused umbrella message
  • Opportunity for stakeholder & supplier collaboration techniques
  • Need for human truths insights to drive behaviour change