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Late last night South African time,  The Gates Foundation announced their latest  Round 10 Grand Explorations Challenge awards. Matchboxology's proposal (designed with our collaboration partner CSI+) was one of the few chosen for an initial round of $100,000 in seed funding.   So what does this mean for Matchboxology?aidquest-network

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:02

Thoughts from Kiev, Lusaka & Maputo


Matchboxology has banked some impressive frequent flyer miles in the past few months working on a fascinating bouquet of challenges for GTZ, the UN and The Gates Foundation.   Each of the projects were inspired by a need to look at public health or economic development responses with new eyes.  What brought us to these new places was Matchboxology’s unique approach to innovation based on exploring the human truths that drive the behaviours of citizens as well as the development community experts and roleplayers. 

Before Chapmans Peak

Last Sunday Team Pick n Pay/Matchboxology cycled the full 110km around the beautiful Cape Peninsula with Howard Bell, our new friend from Just Giving. 


My 11 year old twins are obsessed about becoming someone's Valentine today.  Pairing up seems to a basic human need.  So much of what Mat©hboxology does adds up to connecting dots that are otherwise unconnected.  Today I thought I'd take a quick peak at interesting new relationships emerging out of seemingly different somethings.


Wednesday, 06 February 2013 10:53

A conversation with Muzi Kuzwayo

Muzi Kuzwayo and I share Board Positions at Project Literacy--one of South Africa's longest running and most respected non-profits. In one sense, we also share backgrounds; both mutated from successful careers in the advertising world.  But Muzi is an author and professor and speaks out from time to time in newspaper columns on topics that rile him up.  Recently he touched on the role of corporate social responsibility versus government in moving things positively forward here in South Africa...a topic close to mat©hboxology's heart.  I told him to quit quoting old fashioned economists...


Monday, 28 January 2013 11:38

Development Footprints and Foot Faults

2011-08-16 14.06.40

Brands and companies have an undeniable footprint on the development landscape of South Africa society. How else can we explain the existence of Izikhothane (a crazy phenomenon where gangs of township kids actually bully others for not sporting the latest in luxury branded clothing and cellphones), Ministers insisting its mission-critical to be driving luxury branded vehicles and the insatiable shopping sprees of high profile corruptocrats and bribezonians engaged in an endless one-upsmanship reality show.

Sadly, very few private sector leaders and institutions stand up to take accountability and responsibility for their role in these sort of social developments.

Monday, 14 January 2013 02:00

Imagine by Johan Lehrer

Connecting the dots is such a cliché that I hesitate to mention it in new business presentations.  But in fact, that’s where Matchboxology’s methodology and expertise lie, which is why I was so excited over the holidays to find a fascinating book on the science of how inspiration occurs.

Sunday, 13 January 2013 02:00

The Evolution of IBM

A few years ago, IBM faced certain death. Their metamorphosis into a planet changing institution was an inspired strategic move to say the least.

I'm a fan of their passion and keep an eye out for their cultural evolutions, thinking and client success. Late in 2012, they quietly made a move that I have the feeling will ripple success well into the next decade.