Meet The Team


Cal Bruns Chief Incubationist


Founder and CEO; Matchboxology.

Internationally recognized expertise in behaviour change strategy, communication design and direction, strategy facilitation and public/private partnership innovation.

Multinational Clients: Levi's, Adidas, PEPFAR/USAID, Futures Group, UN, PSI, Johns Hopkins.

Southern African clients: KWV, MTN, World Bank, British Council, SA Office of Presidency, Kingdom of Swaziland.

Key Skills:

Behavior Change, Sustainable Growth, Innovation Expertise.

Globally awarded Creative Direction for FMCG & development sector work in Asia, USA, Europe and Africa.

Corporate Social Responsibility/Opportunity Thought Leader.

Trained facilitator in GRID Synergogy techniques.

Integration of Social Media into organizational culture strategy and leadership.

Jason Coetzee Director of Social Impact


Post graduate degree in development theory and commerce degree in marketing and psychology, with expertise in project management, sustainable development, evaluative methodology, poverty alleviation and institutional capacity building.

Worked with International Donor Agencies, the United Nations and Governments across Southern Africa, as well in Afghanistan, in the development and implementation of relief, development and health communications programmes.

Key Skills:

18 years development programme experience in multinational settings.

Research and ethnographic incubation for campaign development.

Intra-organisational and external conflict management and mediation.

Inspire and deliver revolutionary communication elements and programmes that stimulate behaviour change.

Hands-on creative development ; strategic oversight.

Paris Pitsillides Innovation Strategy & Serendipity


Founder and Managing Director; Matchboxology.

Deep experience in Fortune 500 FMCG & Southern Africa Development Sector communications campaign design.

Entrepreneurial activities in the food, property and IT sector.

Able to cross from the analytical to creative hemispheres with equal dexterity

Over 20 years experience in the marketing, media and communications industry that includes:

3 years as a journalist in Cyprus and the Middle East [1986-89]

6 years as a copywriter in multinational advertising agencies Greys WorldWide and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Co-founder and Creative Director of SA’s first through-the-line advertising agency, Hook, Line & Sinker. Formed Joint venture with the Scandinavian Media group, Aller - introduced the Grapevine Postcard business to SA. Created an empowerment-focused, low-barrier-to-entry chicken franchise for Tiger Foods, designed to suit economic conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Co-founded Terra Nova, a Corporate Brand Management company to specialise in corporate branding and Internal marketing. Founded ParisJohannesburg, a strategic business and marketing consultancy that provided services to, among others, Internet service provider ijuice. the national broadcaster SABC, Transnet and ConsumerScope – a consumer market research tool that enhances understanding of markets and consumer behaviour.

Key Skills:

Sustainable business growth strategy / Corporate Social Opportunity

Integrated marketing and communications strategy

Social behaviour change communication strategy

Globally awarded corporate and public sector brand and communication strategies.

New business development